Chronic Middle Ear Disease & Mastoid Surgery

Management of any medical condition requires first a diagnosis, then treatment.

Ears are the same. For diagnosis, we take a history, do an examination and consider any necessary investigations. Commonly a hearing test (Audiogram) is needed. Sometimes a microbiological examination of any ear discharge or a CT or MRI scan of the ears  is indicated. Treatments vary. Some conditions can be managed medically. For other conditions surgery may be advised.

Middle ear problems include acute otitis media (or middle ear infection) and otitis media with effusion (or Glue ear). Both these conditions are initially treated medically but ventilation tube insertion (grommets) may be indicated if the condition fails to resolve. Grommets are one of the commonest procedures we perform in children. Chronic middle ear disease often is due to a hole (or perforation) of the ear drum. Surgical repair may be required, especially if the perforation is associated with  a destructive cystic lesion called cholesteatoma.

Inner ear conditions include sensorineural (or perceptive) deafness and a number of conditions related to the inner ear balance apparatus (or labyrinth).

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